Individual supply models realised by GETEC

GETEC supplies its clients securely and cost-effectively with heating, cooling and power. From the planning to the construction and financing of the energy production system to the operation, maintenance and repair, we take charge of the energy supply for you with different energy service contracting models, either as a complete package or in modular form, tailored specifically to your needs. 

Innovative, modern technology and optimised utilisation of energy sources enable GETEC to lower the energy costs noticeably.

Energy service contracting boosts energy efficiency

Energy service contracting is a contractually defined form of cooperation. Different energy service contracting models exist, and they are defined and implemented individually with every client. In so doing, the energy service contracting user assigns tasks to the contractor, such as consulting services, planning, financing and set-up of energy conversion systems or individual components as well as their operation, repair, maintenance and insurance. Both individual tasks as well as the entire range of tasks can be assigned.

In the next step, the contractor will assess both the contractee's energy flux as well as the energy management-related situation and provide assistance to optimise them.

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