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With its specialist for the real estate sector, GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ GmbH, GETEC pursues a strategy of energy efficiency cooperations with real estate businesses. In the residential property sector, we established among other things G+D GmbH – a joint venture between Deutsche Wohnen AG and GETEC. In addition, there are Bayernwärme GmbH for GBW GmbH, G+G Energiemanagement GmbH for Heitman LLC, Energie für Schleswig-Holstein with Wankendorfer Baugenossenschaft für Schleswig Holstein eG as well as G+G energy services GmbH with Grand City Property Ltd. and for the first time in the commercial property sector G+Q Effizienz GmbH, the joint venture between DEMIRE AG and GETEC.

In a joint energy service company with GETEC, you are an equal partner, enjoy full transparency with regard to the costs and uses and participate in the value chain of the energy service provider. In such an energy service company, all activities associated with the procurement, generation, distribution and billing of energy for your property are consolidated. The effective and consistent realisation of all possible savings potentials is aimed at generating additional revenue, which remains in the company.

Our service ranges from the planning of the system and modernisation concepts to the financing, operation and maintenance, to metering services, vacancy management to uniform as well as incontestable operating costs settlement. This ensures transparency and a high data quality. Housing associations enjoy a considerable lawsuit cost advantage and are relieved of many responsibilities, enabling them to simply pay more attention to their core business.

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