Using steam power to generate energy

From a thermodynamic point of view, every steam power process used to generate energy is based on the same cyclic process. Water is evaporated under pressure, re-expanded in a turbine before the steam is condensed again. This cycle is known as Clausius Rankine process. The Organic Rankine Cycle is also based on this functional principle. The main difference is in the used working fluid, which is an organic fluid rather than water. Learn more about the ORC process and the technologies employed by GETEC.

As the focus of the energy industry shifted toward topics such as energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and regenerative energy supply, an attempt was made at identifying untapped potentials to optimise the energy generation and energy supply. In so doing, the analyses, developments and research efforts also focused on the topic of industrial waste heat utilisation. A very high utilisation potential in the area of industrial waste heat has been determined, which is independent of the temperature level. However, the lion’s share of energy resources generated with waste heat is within a temperature range in which it is impossible to operate a classical Clausius Rankine process in an economically viable manner. By using organic working media for the ORC process, it is possible to tap the amounts of heat on a lower temperature level for the conversion into useful energy.

Thus, the ORC process achieves a further boost in energy efficiency in the industrial sector and contributes to the conservation of fossil fuel resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Organic Rankine Cycle technology of GETEC

With the ORC technology, a method has established itself on the energy systems market that is extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any individual application. By using an ORC module, it is possible to consolidate energetic synergies as well as generate economic benefits (CHP compensation, EEG compensation).

The systems technology is considered solid and operationally reliable. As well, ORC systems are characterised by excellent partial load behaviour, thus further expanding their range of applications.

GETEC relies on this technology. For example, several ORC systems are currently being used in biomass cogeneration power plants. However, GETEC also operates reference projects in the field of industrial waste heat utilisation.

In the future, the research and development of ORC systems is expected to advance further and the efficiency of ORC modules will continue to improve.

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