The thermal utilisation of lean and specialty gases as well as the conversion of greenhouse gases such as laughing gas

In production processes, especially in the chemical industry, LCV and climate-changing process gases are frequently generated as by-products and generally result in high disposal costs and environmental pollution. GETEC offers economical, clean solutions for utilising these special gases to produce heat.

GETEC has many years of experience with the development of complex technical energy supply systems and is the market leader in the thermal utilisation of lean and specialty gases as well as in the conversion of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide. Particularly in the field of solid fuel technology, the experts at GETEC are developing numerous efficient supply solutions. GETEC's proprietary innovative technology makes it possible to generate heat using the low calorific value gases produced in the chemical industry in muffle pulse burners, or to destroy climate-changing process gases through co-incineration.

This means that a low, consistent steam / heat price can, on a lasting basis, be combined with

  1. the use of low calorific value gases for power generation and/or
  2. the thermal disposal of environmentally harmful and climate-changing processes gases

Benefits for our customers

  • Low, steady steam / heat price based on pulverised lignite technology
  • Low-cost co-incineration, thermal use and/or disposal of LCV and harmful gases
  • Experience from over 30 plants implemented and operated by GETEC
  • Modern proprietary GETEC burner and control technology

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